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We worked with: John Hulme, artist

For Arts

He wanted to connect: To promote his artwork to galleries and agents.

John is a wonderful artist, but he doesn’t enjoy selling himself. I helped him to write a description of himself and his work, that successfully found him a place in the Biscuit Factory Gallery, and opened up his art to a new audience.53

The Kiss Copy

Nostalgia takes on a life of its own in John’s work. Based on photographs from his own childhood in 1950’s and 60’s Lancashire, his paintings use heightened colours to create a surreal and even eerie child’s-eye view of the world, imbuing everyday scenes with both magic and menace. John Hulme reminds us of how wonderful and frightening the world was when we were young. His nostalgia is not just a longing for lost people and places, but also for a lost perspective on the world.

John studied at Rochdale College of Art, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the Royal College of Art before spending a number of years as a carer. He is now painting full-time again.