Evidence-based copy

Support your messages with evidence.

It’s every Marketing Manager’s worst nightmare.You’re just about to sign off the copy for your brochure, when the CEO gets in touch with a “brilliant idea”. And everyone thinks they can write, so how do you stop your copy suffering the horrors of Death by Committee?

Concordance can help.report pic

We came across concordance because we’re nerds when it comes to words.  Concordance software is used regularly in literature and linguistics research, to help find patterns in large collections of text. This can give you deep insights into your copy, and put it into context within your market.

  • Plan future copy. This report gives you insights into how your prospectus is unique. Rating these factors against your  USPs will help to ensure a consistency of message.
  • Support your decisions. Get evidence-based ammunition in the “brilliant idea” scenario.
  • Checking out the competition.  Get insights into communications across a whole sector,  and contextualise your messages within what everyone else is saying. With concordance software, you can get to your competitors’ comms better than they do. 

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