How we do it

Just sit down, and let the muse flow through us, right?

We wish.

Creativity is a vital part of what we do.  But we underpin our creativity with a range of methods designed to improve your rates of connection with people.

Neuro Linguistic-Programmingnlp

Okay. This one sounds weird. But we swear, it isn’t about programming people. If we could do that, we’d have retired to a private island by now.

NLP Copywriting is about working with the programming that every one of us already has.

When  a person get a new piece of information (such as, for example, your latest marketing copy), it goes through a set of filters. These filters are what make people react to the information (say, by throwing it in the bin, or by picking up the phone.)

The only problem is, every single person’s filters are different.

But once you understand the most common groups, and the kinds of statements that each react to, you can start to devise narratives that will work through a wide range of different filters.

Which will lead to extraordinary results.

Corporate Storytelling

We all know how important stories are.

IMG_3453It’s why people tell their kids about Hansel and Gretel, rather than just saying “don’t go into strange houses”.

And everything we do in our lives can be broken down into narratives. Everything. News, sport, jokes, TV, celebrity, even religion. It’s all stories.

Stories have the power to connect with people like nothing else. But it’s only been comparatively recently that Businesses have cottoned on to its power.

Stories are often portrayed as flights of fancy, but they have very simple, beautiful patterns. Once you understand these patterns, you can turn anything into a story

If you’re interested in finding out about how stories work, we recommend starting by looking at

One note of caution  – a lot of business that try this assume that they’re the hero of the story. You’re not. The customer is the Luke Skywalker. You’re Obi-Wan.

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